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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - fit for GOOGLE & Co.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - fit for GOOGLE & Co.

There is hardly any topic left among the diverse range of information on the Internet that you can not get results from in a search. Search engines like GOOGLE & Co. are using ever more sophisticated techniques to display their results lists, ranked by relevance and importance.

Users searching for a specific topic usually select one of the top three to four results. The few click to the second or third page to find a suitable for them result. As a result, sites that rank far behind in this ranking are usually left undiscovered and rarely visited.

Relevant for the user is also how the link is designed in the search result. For example, links that display images or a product rating are intuitively clicked rather than links of normal representation.

Just watch for yourself, what is your own search behavior on GOOGLE & Co.?

For the reasons mentioned above, it is important to know and react to the programming of a website, the techniques of the search engines, and the behavior of its users in order to get as good a result as possible for relevant search terms, and to persuade your users to do so Visit website.

As a developer, it would be presumptuous to say that you could bring a page to the very top or even to first place. However, by using targeted search engine optimization, it is possible to achieve programming that a website is listed much better.



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